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Ivanchenko, V.; Lebrun, N.; Record, M.
Ag-Co Binary Phase Diagram Evaluation
Binary Evaluations
MSI Eureka
Effenberg, G. (Ed.)
MSI, Materials Science International Services GmbH, Stuttgart
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Ivanchenko, V.; Lebrun, N.; Record, M., “Ag-Co Binary Phase Diagram Evaluation”, in MSI Eureka, Effenberg, G. (Ed.), MSI, Materials Science International Services GmbH, Stuttgart (2009), Document ID: 20.29293.1.6 (Crys. Structure, Phase Diagram, Phase Relations, Assessment, 3)

Ag – Co (Silver – Cobalt)

Volodymyr Ivanchenko, Nathalie Lebrun, Marie Christine Record

Literature Data

Since the last review by [1986Kar], [2001Li] determined the existence of two metastable phases in the Ag-rich part by means of ion mixing of multiple metal layers. Two sets of Ag-Co multilayered samples with three and six bilayers were made with fixed total thickness of 40 mm. The overall compositions were checked by energy dispersive spectrum analysis with an error of ±3%. Ion mixing experiments were carried out at room temperature by 200 keV Xe ions to various doses in an implanter with a vacuum level better than 5•10-6 torr. TEM examinations and selected area diffraction techniques were carried out for identifying the resulting structure.

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