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Schmid-Fetzer, R.
Al-Ti Binary Phase Diagram Evaluation
Binary Evaluations
MSI Eureka
Effenberg, G. (Ed.)
MSI, Materials Science International Services GmbH, Stuttgart
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Schmid-Fetzer, R., “Al-Ti Binary Phase Diagram Evaluation”, in MSI Eureka, Effenberg, G. (Ed.), MSI, Materials Science International Services GmbH, Stuttgart (2004), Document ID: 20.15634.1.0 (Crys. Structure, Phase Diagram, Phase Relations, Assessment, 87)

Al – Ti (Aluminium – Titanium)

Rainer Schmid-Fetzer

Literature Data

A full scale thermodynamic assessment of the Al-Ti system including a review of experimental literature up to 1991 was performed by [1992Kat]. Their calculated phase diagram differs significantly from that given in the literature review of [1987Mur], which was also reproduced in [Mas2]. The disagreement is particularly noticeable for the high temperature phase equilibria of Ti-aluminides, which are considered to arise mainly due to oxygen contamination. [1994Kai] have summarized such uncertainties in addition to their own experimental work in that region. The assessment of [1992Kat] was further refined by the same group [1997Zha], leaving the stable phase equilibria virtually unchanged. The most recent complete thermodynamic assessment [2000Ohn] essentially agrees with [1992Kat, 1997Zha], except for the (αTi)+(^...

Cited references - 87, figures - 9, tables - 3, chapters - 6

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