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Li-Sb-Se Ternary Phase Diagram Evaluation
Ternary Evaluations
MSI Eureka
Effenberg, G. (Ed.)
MSI, Materials Science International Services GmbH, Stuttgart
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“Li-Sb-Se Ternary Phase Diagram Evaluation”, in MSI Eureka, Effenberg, G. (Ed.), MSI, Materials Science International Services GmbH, Stuttgart (1995), Document ID: 10.17437.1.5 (Crys. Structure, Phase Diagram, Phase Relations, Assessment, 6)

Lithium - Antimony - Selenium

All the published work on the Li-Sb-Se ternary system relates to the Li2Se-Sb2Se3 section from 21 to 40 at.% Sb. The congruently melting compound LiSbSe2 was first prepared by [68Ber] who gave a measured density value of 5.96 g•cm-3. DTA on heating at 10C min-1 showed that there is a eutectic between βLiSbSe2 and the Sb2Se3 solid solution, Figure 1 [71Ber, 71Laz]. An allotropic transformation of LiSbSe2 was detected at 220C. [73Baz1] gave a value of 35.9 at.% Sb for the eutectic and 38.8 at.% Sb for the limit of the Sb2Se3 solid solution at room temperature. Scaling from the phase diagram in [71Ber, 71Laz], referenced by [73Baz1] gives the eutectic composition at 36.4 at.% Sb. ...

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